Amazon Glacier: Super Slow Archiving Storage

If you’ve got massive amounts of historical data to backup and have had trouble finding a low cost storage solution, then you should check out Amazon Glacier.

amazon glacier storage vault

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Columbia Glacier Retreating to the Sea in Alaska


It took seven years, but the photographic record of the Columbia Glacier in Prince William Sound on Alaska’s southern central Pacific coast has been compiled into a time-lapse video that documents the glacier’s rapid ice discharge. This is helping researchers to understand better how tidewater glaciers are contributing to seal-level rise.

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Third Pole Glacial Measuring Stations Will Give Monitor Glacier Health in Tibet


An international team of scientists is starting a long-term campaign to measure the overall health of the ice atop Tibet and its surrounding mountains. This is will them to measure the health of the world’s highest glaciers.

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Rapidly Retreating Glacial Ice Leaves Species Threatened


The rapidly disappearing glaciers are altering more than the physical landscape, as a recent analysis suggests. Species that live in streams and rivers that flow from melting glaciers could start disappearing when half of the glacial cover in a region is lost.

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