British Team Fails to Reach Lake Ellsworth

British Team Fails to Reach Lake Ellsworth

The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) arrived in western Antarctica earlier in December, preparing for their anticipated mission to drill into Lake Ellsworth, a subglacial lake. After days of hard work, the team announced that it was stopping its efforts, stymied by a technical problem.

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British and American Teams Hunt for Life Under Antarctic Ice


Next week, UK glaciologists are heading to Lake Ellsworth to prepare for a new drilling stage that will start December 5. They hope to reach the lake and start examining sediments to find signs of life.

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NASA ICESat Shows Himalayan Glaciers Have Lost Less Ice Than Worst Estimates


A 2010 study using measurements taking by the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellite reported that glaciers in the Himalayas and the Tibetan plateau were shedding about 50 gigatonnes of ice per year. These results were refuted two years later by a research group using the same data but varied the interpretation to show that the ice loss was only a tenth of that amount.

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1930s Photos Reveal History of Greenland Glaciers


Rediscovered aerial photos of Greenland from the 1930s have allowed scientists to construct the history of the glacier retreat and advance in the area. The photos were rediscovered in a castle outside Copenhagen, Denmark, and they have allowed Anders Bjork and his colleagues to develop a deeper understanding of how climate change has affected the ice loss and glacier movements of the last 80 years.

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Columbia Glacier Retreating to the Sea in Alaska


It took seven years, but the photographic record of the Columbia Glacier in Prince William Sound on Alaska’s southern central Pacific coast has been compiled into a time-lapse video that documents the glacier’s rapid ice discharge. This is helping researchers to understand better how tidewater glaciers are contributing to seal-level rise.

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Third Pole Glacial Measuring Stations Will Give Monitor Glacier Health in Tibet


An international team of scientists is starting a long-term campaign to measure the overall health of the ice atop Tibet and its surrounding mountains. This is will them to measure the health of the world’s highest glaciers.

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