The MiiR Tumbler: Drink Coffee & Give People Drinking Water

I love drinking coffee, and as such, I’ve tried many different ways to reduce the cost of my addiction. For one, I rarely drink coffee from coffee shops, preferring to make my own and take it to work. As such, I need a good portable mug to get the job done.

miir tumbler insulated coffee mug

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Gorilla Glass 3 Coming: Even Gorillas Have Trouble Breaking It

Okay, I made that part about gorillas up, but it’s easy to forget the usefulness of Gorilla Glass. A lot of the smartphones and tablet people use everyday are covered in this durable material. That’s one of the reasons that the screen on your phone won’t break if you drop inadvertently. Granted, it won’t protect your phone from any drops, but I’ve been quite happy at how scratch-resistant it is.

gorilla glass 3 corning

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iPhone Resin Skin Sticks to Glass Like Gecko Feet

I’m not sure this is a great idea, but I can see how it might be useful to stick your iPhone onto a surface for a short time, to either share or show something. The Uguard Resin Skin is supposed to do this, without many complications. I just wonder if everyone will remember that it’s temporary, not permanent.

uguard resin skin iphone

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Rare Fisheye Nikkor Lens for Sale… Just $160,000

SLR camera lenses can be pretty expensive, but this has got to be some sort of a record. A rare fisheye Nikkor 6mm f/2.8 lens, which is supposed to offer the world’s most extreme wide-angle, has gone on sale at Gray’s of Westminster in London, UK for the low, low price of $160,000 (USD), give or take a few dollars after currency conversion.

nikon nikkor fisheye 1970 lens

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People People’s Invisible Speaker: Now You See It, Now You Don’t

This speaker doesn’t look like much, since it’s mostly made out of transparent materials, but it sure looks nice. It’s People People’s invisible speaker, and it’s made for people who want a speaker that doesn’t look like an ordinary speaker.

people speaker glass audio invisible wifi

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Pendant Glass Light Terrarium From Prague


We love terrariums. From recycled bottle terrariums to light-bulb terrariums, these little pockets of green seem to be able to put life in the strangest places. These pendant light terrariums look like a nice way of having something green and something bright at the same time. They almost look like miniature terrariums, but their overall size is big enough for everyone to enjoy.

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10-Year Old Kid Repairs Cracked iPhone Glass For $22

When the screen of your iPhone gets cracked, the usual option entails going to an Apple store and shelling out big bucks to get your iPhone repaired. Sure, repair kits are readily available, but how easy are they to use? Take a look at this 10-year old who managed to do this repair by himself. If he can do so, you should be able to do it as well.

kid iphone repair apple phone cell broken glass

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Logitech Mice Will Now Work on Glass Surfaces

081909_rg_glassmouse_01.jpgAs long as optical mice have existed, it’s been known that they don’t work well with glass surfaces. That’s always been a shame, since there are some really nice glass desks out there. Well, you won’t have to worry anymore, because Logitech is going to release mice that will work on glass surfaces. Plus, there’s that whole unifying USB thing that will reduce the amount of USB receivers that you’ll need.

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Nikon’s 10 Best Lenses

A great list made by Ken Rockwell about the 10 best Nikon lenses out there. I have got two on this list, the 18-55 and the 18-200 VR. The 12-24mm FX is really neat but really expensive. What’s cool is that it can also fit on DX cameras. I’ll switch to an FX camera before leaving Taiwan, so I won’t be buying any DX lenses anymore.

The Minute Glass: A Green Alarm Clock

We all have had problems walking up in the morning, and that snooze button isn’t always a good idea. The few extra minutes that we get thanks to snoozing aren’t really restful. Alarms and clocks do consume power. What if there was a clock that didn’t need any electricity or batteries in order to function? The smartly designed Minute Glass does the trick of waking you up each morning in a novel way.