Marvel Digital’s Gadmei P83 Glasses-Free 3D PMP: Good for Your Eyes? Probably Not.

There are only a few 3D movies that I’ve seen that were actually worth it. Most of the others were somewhat disappointing, but check out this PMP that’s supposed to do 3D without any glasses. It’s called the Gadmei P83 PMP from Marvel Digital, and hopefully it won’t harm your eyes when you use it, because we’ve all recently heard the (not so) shocking news that 3D isn’t good for your eyes.

marvel digital gadmei p83 pmp 3d naked eye glasses-free media player

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200-Inch Glasses-Free 3D Display: Do I Have a Big Enough Wall?

Bigger screens are the way to go. I just can’t wait to have a screen that’s the size of my whole living room wall. Although this seems like science-fiction, it might not be because NICT has unveiled a 200-inch glasses-free 3D screen that might actually make me want to watch 3D stuff.

200-inch nict japan screen hdtv led 3d

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Softbank Will Release Glasses-Free 3D Smartphones: Do You Care?

So Softbank just unveiled these new smartphones destined for the Japanese market that work in 3D and don’t require any 3D glasses. Do you still care? I probably don’t, but I’ll tell you about them anyway.

softbank 3d glasses japan smartphone

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