Samsung Galaxy Grand Dual SIM Smartphone Should Hit Europe Soon

Changing SIM cards can be quite an annoyance, especially if you travel to the same places often, and don’t want to deal with international roaming fees. That’s one of the reasons why dual SIM smartphones are pretty useful. The Samsung Galaxy Grand (model i9082) is one of the latest phones to offer dual SIM slots.

samsung galaxy grand europe

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H1N1 Influenza Virus

H1N1 Virus via wikipedia
H1N1 Virus via wikipedia

When I follow current events, I like to read Wikipedia. Wikipedia’s pages are usually updated pretty quickly on current news. For now, people and countries are taking precautionary measures. But everyone is worried about the fall, when the global pandemic could reach phase 6.

Evidence of a Global Super Organism

A great article over at the Technium by Kevin Kelly about the evidence of a global super organism. Nova Spivak of Twine gives his own account.

Gordon Brown Declares Iceland Terrorist State

Gordon Brown declared Iceland a terrorist state to freeze all of its assets in the UK.

Daily Financial Crisis Recap 01.11.08

Stocks end higher in the last day of October after a tumultuous month of trading. October was a wild month.

Dow Jones industrial average up 144.32 points, or 1.57 percent, to 9,325.01. It was the first time the Dow had back-to-back gains since the end of September.

Barclay’s is seeking $11.8 billion from Abu Dhabi and Qatar. As much as 32% of the company would be owned by Middle Eastern interests.

Bernanke says that the mortgage system needs more safeguards. Consumer spending slowed to its slowest in four years in September.

Bank of Japan cuts its key interest rate for the first time in 7 years. Banks alter loan terms to forestall upcoming mortgage foreclosures.

The country is showing signs of entering a fierce global recession, with deflation running rampant.

Daily Financial Crisis Recap 17.10.08

The Dow ends the day 127.04 pts lower than yesterday at 8,852.22. A loss of 1.41%. The Dow is pretty volatile right now. It’s just the start. As soon as the recession sets in, things won’t be good.

The French bank La Caisse d’Épargne lost $807 million because of the derivatives market. They are currently in talks for a merger with La Banque Populaire. European banks are reticent to take money from their govts due to limits on their decision making and executive pay.

Fortunes built on debt are crumbling apart in Russia.

No one is listening to Bush. There are risks for the govt as it gets stakes in the banks. Nothing would be worse than if the markets continued to plunge.

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Daily Financial Crisis Recap 15.10.08

Banks are forced to take a $250 billion bailout package from the govt. It comes with strings attached. I want those high powered executives to stop getting 8 figure yearly bonuses when their banks aren’t performing well. And no eight figure severance packages either. Profits fall at JP Morgan Chase.

The Dow lost 733.08 pts to 8,577.91. It lost 7.87%.

IRS to tighten tax oversight of banks.

AIG’s wild expenditures anger the NY State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. He’s not the only one. It doesn’t make sense than any one person should receive a $50 million bonus at the end of the year.

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Daily Financial Crisis Recap 14.10.08

After a rally yesterday spurned by promises of cash injections into banks, stocks stopped climbing and plateaued. The Dow lost 76.62 pts. Indexes in Japan and Hong Kong gained strong points today. Japan’s main Nikkei 225 rose by almost 14.47% amidst assurances from the govt that they would back deposits and inject funds into banks. HK guarantees $773 billion in its banks.

Paulson wants bank to deploy the capital they’ll receive from the govt. Bank of NY Mellon will oversee bailout spendings.

Plunging shares will stop consumers from spending on electronics during this holiday season. Electronics? I’m buying bikes! Manufacturers in Taiwan and Korea are expecting less demand for their products.

Recession fears grow in Europe.

Iceland got some help from Denmark and Norway. It’s asking the IMF for help so it will have to stop to defend its currency. It’s benchmark index dropped by 80% on Tuesday.

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Daily Financial Crisis Recap 12.10.08

Government leaders from the major European Union, by Lucas Dolega EPA
Government leaders from the major European Union, by Lucas Dolega EPA

An unsurprising move, after the something similar was announced in the US and the UK. Germany will inject up to $536 billion. The initial plan calls for $50 to $100 billion. Norway is going to spend $58 billion. France will pledge less than Germany. Britain is spending $255 billion and the US $700 billion.

Analysts are predicting a bleak holiday season for retailers. Are you planning on spending a lot of money?

The Fed approves Wells Fargo’s takeover bid of Wachovia. The bid was for $12.2 billion.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were ordered to buy $40 billion a month of troubled mortgages.

Mitsubishi and Morgan Stanley are renegotiating their deal. MS was supposed to get an infusion of $9 billion from the Japanese giant. MS stock has hit $9.68. It was valued at $25.38 when they announce part of the deal. Mitsubishi still wants 21% of MS, but at a far lower price than last month.

Finance students are having a hard time finding the six figure jobs they thought were waiting for them.

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Daily Financial Crisis Recap 11.10.08

“We will do what it takes to resolve this crisis,” photo by Ken Cedeno for Bloomberg
“We will do what it takes to resolve this crisis,” photo by Ken Cedeno for Bloomberg

The American govt plans on buying stakes in banks and has put the proposed bailout plan on the back burner for now. Bush met with the finance ministers of the G7 nations. They are pushing for a global response to the crisis by the G7. The fact that the govt is thinking about nationalizing banks is almost antithetical to what the free market economy stands for.

GM is pondering a merger with either Ford or Chrysler. I don’t have a car and I don’t plan on buying one for the next few years. I will most definitely not buy a new car in the next ten years. What I will buy is bicycles and more than one, but that’s just me.

This article suggests that it’s time to buy stocks. The stocks haven’t yet hit rock bottom, so it’s not the actual time yet. But it’s coming. The trick is to distinguish between the companies that are going to go bankrupt and the ones which will survive healthily, unless you are short-selling of course. Still, you’d better hedge your bets by doing both.

Goldman Sachs doesn’t like Professor Roubini, who predicted their downfall and any other investment type bank on Wall Street back in February due to their business model which relied on short-term leverages.

Economic uncertainty continues to spread worldwide. The global recession is almost unavoidable. Morgan Stanley’s stock is down 82% this year.

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