AnyGlove Solution Makes Any Glove Touchscreen-Compatible

It’s winter and people still need to use their smartphones or tablets as much as ever. But buying a dedicated pair of touchscreen gloves could be an unnecessary expense. AnyGlove is a special solution that claims to make any glove touchscreen-compatible.


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Mujjo Leather Touchscreen Gloves: Use Your Smartphone With Style This Winter

When it gets cold, it’s not so easy to use your smartphone. Even though you can eventually get it to work after trying a couple of times, eventually you end up frustrated enough to simply pull off your gloves. While there are plenty of touchscreen-enabled gloves on the market these days, most of them are made out of synthetics – which aren’t the warmest or most stylish materials. These leather gloves will allow you to keep your hands toasty warm while using your touchscreen device – and look good doing it.

leather touchscreen gloves mujjo

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Isotoner smarTouch Gloves: Winter Won’t Mean No Touchscreen

Winter is coming” might be the catchphrase of the Starks of Winterfell, but sure enough, summer’s coming to a close and before you know it, you’ll be freezing waiting for public transportation. Anyone who’s tried to use their capacitive screen gadgets with normal gloves knows that it’s doomed to failure, unless you use special gloves, like these Isotoner smarTouch. They’ll allow you to continue using your tablet or smartphone no matter how cold it gets.

isotoner smartouch gloves iphone ipad idevice touchscreen winter

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Heated Ninja USB Gloves: WTF?

I rarely have to use my laptop when it’s cold or I’m outdoors. Needless to say that most laptops get pretty hot very quickly, so it seems kind of odd to need gloves while using them anyhow. However, I guess if that you’re stuck in Alaska, you’re outside, and you need to use your laptop, then these things might make sense.

ninja usb gloves thanko heat cold

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SBK Racing Motorcycle Jacket And Gloves Review

Bio-hazard? Yes, a bio-hazard to your wallet!

In November, I decided that driving on the scooter at the speeds that I was going was getting a bit too dangerous. I went to a motorcycle equipment shop and purchased some equipment. I had done some basic research and knew what to expect. Continue reading “SBK Racing Motorcycle Jacket And Gloves Review”