Mailbox iPhone App: Take a Number and Get in Line

The Mailbox app has finally launched on iOS, but before you start jubilating about how clean your email box will finally be, you’d better download it and start waiting, because the wait to use will be long. Currently, there are over 800,000 users waiting to start using the app. The app provides a new way to access your Gmail on your iPhone.

mailbox long line

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Mailbox: One Mobile Mail App to Rule Them All?

Unlike Mr. Technabob and his hundreds of emails a day, I don’t receive that many messages and use Inbox Zero to manage messages, I can check my email only a couple of times a day and still empty it out completely. I rarely check my email on my smartphone because when I do, it actually means more work. That being said, the new Mailbox app might change that.

mailbox app iphone gmail

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Inbox Pause Keeps Emails Out of Your Inbox

Before I used the Inbox Zero process, I was often interrupted by the vast quantity of emails that anyone in tech receives. That being said, attaining Inbox Zero actually isn’t that easy and if it doesn’t work for you, you should check out Inbox Pause, a handy little browser extension that will push the pause button on your emails.

inbox pause gmail extension chrome

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All You Need to Know About the New Gmail Interface

110211_rg_GmailInterface_01.jpgHTML5? Elastic density? If you’re confused, check out what we’ve managed to discover about Google’s new Gmail interface. Not only did they revamp Google Reader interface, but Gmail just got a facelift and you can test it right now. Is it better or worse, tell us in the comments!

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Gmail, Google Docs & Google Calendar Go Offline

Some of these Google apps have been available offline at various times, and in limited release, but now they’re really available for everyone. You’ll need to use Google Chrome and an add-on that’s called Gmail Offline, but that’s one cool way of being able to use your Gmail pretty much in any situation.

gmail google apps docs calendar offline access

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Make Your Own Gmail Theme (and Crap Up Your Own Email Box)

I honestly don’t care what my Gmail looks like. What I do care about is speed and minimalism. Less is more for me when it comes to email. If that’s not your case, then you’ll be glad to find out that Gmail now offers custom backgrounds for your Gmail accounts.

gmail custom background email google theme

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Gmail Tricks to Safely Backup Your Emails For Free

030211_rg_GmailBackup_01.jpgIf you’re one of the 40,000 users who was affected by the most recent Gmail bug, then you’re probably wondering what you can do to backup your emails safely. It’s probably a good idea to do this if you rely on Gmail for all of your emails. That being said, while you can use paid options, here are some free options that we’ve been using.

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Why Facebook’s Email Service Won’t Compete With Gmail

111610_rg_FMail_01.jpgIt’s easy to find a reason why Facebook’s email service, or much hyped Gmail-killer, won’t really affect Gmail all that much: spam. How much spam do you get in your Facebook message box? I get tons. How much spam do I get in Gmail? Not a lot and if I do, Gmail’s spam filter is notoriously efficient. However, technically speaking, Facebook Messages isn’t designed to compete with Gmail, or is it?

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Best Ways of Creating Computer Backups

111210_rg_ComputerBackups_01.jpgYou know that it’s happened to you at some point in time. One of the hard drives in your computer fails and you’re left with a completely fried hard drive, with no possible way of retrieving the data that was stored on it. We’ve all been there. So what can you do to avoid this situation? Read on to find out more.

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Inbox Infinity: When Inbox Zero Isn’t Possible

111010_rg_InboxInfinity_01.jpgDepending on how much email you get everyday, it’s quite possible that attaining Inbox Zero and maintaining it isn’t feasible for you. It all comes down on how you use your email and what you can do to reduce the clutter and the noise so that you can get the job done.

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