Better Twitter

After Better Gmail, Better Google Reader, now comes Better Twitter, offering one-click solutions for retweets and more! Better Twitter is a Greasemonkey script. Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension.

Use Google Gears And GreaseMonkey To Take Wikipedia Offline

Use Google Gears and Greasemonkey to take Wikipedia offline.

Google Gears And Wikipedia Offline

With the latest update to Google Gears, I’ve acutally had my FF crash multiple times while trying to access Wikipedia by using the GreaseMonkey script to take Wiki offline. I’ve disabled the scripts. No amount of tinkering made it work. Anyone else had this problem? Then again, I never used the script so it’s better left uninstalled.

Gears Monkey Or How To Take Wikipedia Offline

I use Wikipedia all the time.

From checking out book and movie information, to researching mathematics.

It’s too bad it’s only available online.

Well that’s where you are wrong!

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