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A Green City Guide to Montreal


City: Montreal
Population: 1,906,811, Greater Montreal metropolitan area 3,814,700
Green Cred: Great green places to stay, places to visit, and sustainable development.

greenbadge1.png Montreal is a mix of different cultures. Québecois (French Canadians) mix in with Anglophone Canadians to form a vibrant city, one that is filled with a great nightlife and things to do. Montreal is Canada’s second most populous city and French is the main language, spoken by over 59% of the population, but you’ll have no trouble navigating around in English. As the metropole of Québec and one of the largest cities in Canada, you’ll find a bunch of activities and things to do for the green-minded tourist.

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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Being CarLess

We’ve been living without a car for about four years, ever since we moved to Asia. Living without a car is liberating in some ways and a drawback in others. Is it worth switching to greener modes of transport, or do you have to absolutely live with a car? Read on to find out more.

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Water Heaters Inside Your Homes to Provide Energy

Utility companies are trying to figure out way to tap the electricity that has been hiding about in your home. It’s surprising, but with smart-grid technology, it will be possible to sell back some of that untapped electricity to your favorite utility company, to save you money in the long run.

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Making Your Own Solar Panels For Your Home

With electricity costs rising more and more each year, a lot of people are thinking in investing into solar panels for their home to cut down on the costs and to reduce their carbon footprint. While commercial solar panels are a great idea, they tend to cost quite a bit of money. With that in mind, we found a few more affordable solutions in which you can create your own solar panels.

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Green Ideas: Extracting Water from Thin Air

060909_rg_water_extract_01.jpgIf you have a lot of humidity in your place, you know that there can be lots of water extracted from thin air thanks to dehumidifiers. This water extracting machine takes things a bit further. We all know that water like this needs to be purified in some fashion before we can drink it. That’s why we think that this extractor is really a good idea. It creates needed water from a source that wasn’t obvious before.

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