Griffin Survivor Military iPhone Case Will Help Your Phone Survive World War Z

When zombies arrive and start taking over the world, you know that you can’t just use your favorite iPhone case to keep your precious phone safe, assuming the cellular networks are still functioning that is. That’s why you should opt for the Griffin Survivor military case, which will protect your phone no matter what.

griffin survivor military case

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Griffin AirCurve Review: More Sound From Your Iphone

032009_rg_aircurvereview_01.jpgSo, you’re stuck camping and would like to share some music. Or you’re sitting in your bath, and would like to hear some music. What are you going to do? Plugged docks aren’t always the answer because sometimes, you need something that is completely unplugged. At Unplggd, we tend to like devices like that. The Griffin AirCurve is just that. It’s a kind of dock that amplifies the sound from your iPhone, but does it actually work?