Grove Wood Smart Case for iPad Air & iPad Mini: More Wood Is Even More Good

I’ve always thought that utilizing a natural material like wood for gadget cases was a smart idea – providing a nice contrast to the metal, glass and plastic found in today’s devices. Check out two new wood cases from Grove, which will perfectly fit your new iPads when they release this November.

grove ipad wood case 1 620x441

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Grove Wooden iPhone Case Offers Natural Protection for iPhone 4/4S or iPhone 5

I liked the design of the Grove Skateback, but I’ve been waiting for Grove to release a full-on wooden case for the iPhone. It looks like that time has come, and you can even pre-order one for the iPhone 5. If you plan on sticking with your iPhone 4 or 4S, then you can buy yours right away.

grove case iphone wood handmade front

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Grove SkateBacks: For iPhone Skatepunks

The last time we mentioned Grove, they had made a pretty cool iPhone case made from skateboard scraps. However, they were available as a limited edition, so there weren’t probably enough for everyone who wanted one, and they also cost more than $200. This time around, Grove has made these clever add-ons that customize the back of your iPhone, and made them accessible to all who want one.

grove skateback iphone back

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Grove iPad 2 Cases: Wood is Good

If you loved that iPhone case by Grove and MapleXO, but just couldn’t get it because of the limited availability or price, then check out these wooden cases for the iPad 2. They join the other handcrafted bamboo iPhone 4 cases that Grove has got available.

grove bamboo ipad 2 case wood leather smart cover

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MapleXO & Grove iPhone Case: Created From Crashed Skateboards

These limited edition iPhone 4 cases were created by a collaboration between Grove and MapleXO. They include wood that came from old skateboard decks.

skateboard iphone case grove maplexo upcycled cover

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