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The Health Challenges of the Growing Class of Megacities


Tokyo is the world’s biggest megacity at a population of over 35,000,000. Image via Wikipedia.

Megacities are usually defined by a total population in excess of 10 million, with an additional component of population density. Rapid urbanization will take a heavy toll on the infrastructure of local governments, if city planners don’t incorporate ways to tackle air pollution.

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Relationship Between Black Hole Growth and Star Formation in Seyfert Galaxies


A new study in The Astrophysics Journal, which will be published on February 20th, shows that black hole growth is strongly correlated with nuclear star formation within one kiloparsec, but only weakly correlated with the extended star formation in radii of over one kiloparsec in its host galaxy.

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Study Measures Mammalian Growth, Taking 24 Million Years to Go from Mouse to Elephant


Evolution has its quirks, and getting from a mouse-sized animal to a pachyderm didn’t take thousands of years, it took millions. Evolutionary biologists have published findings in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences have discovered that it took 24 million years to get from a mouse-like animal to get to an animal the size of an elephant.

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