Gmail Rocks

One look at the aging email web interface of my university was enough for me to want to get out of it. There is no real easy way to do this. I knew that Gmail had POP3 features available. I hadn’t tried them out. I surfed through a few guides and found the right POP3 servers and ports. Confirmed the whole thing and added automatic labels in Gmail to make it clear that the retrieved messages come from my university server. Whammo! No more ugly and slow interface.


For some reason, I had 20 emails in that account. It must have taken me 20 minutes to consult them.

Le système est lent!

With the beginning of the semester, the server was atrociously slow. You feel like your life is draining away. I just couldn’t handle it anymore. Within 10 minutes, my POP3 Gmail account was up and running and had retrieved all of my emails.


Twine Is Absent Use Gmail

There are a lot of people waiting impatiently to become part of the private beta of Twine, one of the first semantic web applications available. I’ve combed the web, but invites are scarce. There is a long waiting list to take part in Twine. From the comments of the people behind the application, Twine is a far from becoming fully functional.

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