Guitar USB Flash Drive


If you love guitars and music, then this Guitar USB Flash Drive was made for you. It comes with 8GB of flash storage to store a bunch of your files. You’ll just have to remove the coordinated cap to access the drive to pop it in.

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Ministar Travel Guitars: Perfect for the Vagabond Musician

These Ministar travel guitars will allow you to easily play music, almost the same way as if you’d be carrying a bulky electric guitar. There are some models that are only 19 inches long, and they lack something obvious: the main body of the guitar.

ministar travel guitar musician instrument compact music

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iTar iPad Guitar Fretboard Attachment: iJammin to the Break of Dawn

Have you ever wanted to use your iPad as a musical instrument? I know that Jamie Lidell can compose music with his iPhone, but transforming your iPad into a guitar seems like something even cooler. If you want to do this, you’ll need something like the iTar fretboard attachment.

itar harvey starr ipad add-on music guitar

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Sonoma GuitarJack for iPhone: A Recording Studio in Your Pocket

If you’re a music artist, and you tend to find yourself far away from home, then the Sonoma GuitarJack will allow you to transform your iPhone into a mobile recording studio. This is perfect when you get a  few tunes in your head and you want to hammer something down before you lose it.

sonoma guitarjack app add-on iphone ipad ipod touch record

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The Millennium Falcon Guitar: Not Quite Ready for the Kessel Run

I don’t think that Han Solo ever intended that the Millennium Falcon would be used as a model for a guitar, but musically inclined Star Wars geeks will rejoice when they see this nifty axe made to look like Solo’s ship.

millennium falcon guitar star wars diy hack mod

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Fully Playable Electric Guitar T-shirt: This One Goes to 11

While I’ve seen everything from keyboards to LEDs integrated into t-shirts, this is the first time that I’ve seen an actual guitar put into a t-shirt. That’s not all: this funky t-shirt comes even with an amplifier.

thinkgeek guitar geek wear t-shirt

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Android-Winmo-iPhone OS Guitar: What Happens When the Phone Rings?

This crazy looking contraption isn’t just a bunch of smartphones, it’s a musical instrument.

phone mobile guitar jury rig tech

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