Innovative Mason Jar Lights: From Garden to Kitchen

041011LEDmasonjars.jpgMason jars are extremely useful in the kitchen, even cooks like “hacking” them. But we’ve noticed they’ve become popular material for not only preserving food , but also homemade lighting solutions (a trend our friends over at Re-Nest also noted). From creating your own Sun Jar to hacking a chandelier together, here are some creative reuses of Mason jars as lighting solutions using solar and LED tech to light up our lives.

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Unique Drawer Pulls That Will Highlight Your Desk

Once you’re ready to add the final touches to your dream desk, it’s hard not to be finicky over the final details, like the drawer pulls. A lot of desks now eschew drawers altogether, but even if you desk doesn’t have any, you’ll most likely have a some shelving system nearby that could benefit from funky drawer pulls.

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Google Vs China

Google Vs China

If you hack Google, they will hack your ass right back.
Matt Buchanan

More at the New York Times.

Will the next war be a cyberwar? It’s kind of frightening to imagine what could happen if our infrastructures were attacked by droves of hackers and government agencies from China. If it hasn’t been done already, the US should start recruiting hackers of all types into government service to form their own cyber-soldiers, to ensure that they can properly respond to any attack on American interests.

The hullabaloo is indicative of how serious this attack was. China is a force to reckon with and it’s not hard to fathom that in a possible future, we’ll all be communists if we aren’t adequately prepared.

I’m a socialist at heart, but this is very different from what modern China is. If I was Obama, I would secretly start the US cyber-army as soon as possible. I’m sure that doomsday sayers will have already contingencies in place.

How about if Google itself were to found its own cyber-army? That is, if it hasn’t done so already. That is also somewhat frightening, because I firmly believe that corporations demonstrate clear signs of psychopathy: they only care about one thing, the bottom line. They don’t care about people, though Google is somewhat different. It’s hard to pinpoint, but I believe that it’s possible that the gestalt of Google might attain consciousness sometime in the future, once it starts learning by itself.

Is this the start of the mega-corporations or the possible war with the machines?

Ah, it’s getting late and I’m seeing doomsday scenarios everywhere. I hope I didn’t depress you too much. Then again, these aren’t pleasant subjects to deal with.

Russian and Chinese Cyberspies Infiltrate US Power Grid

When there is another war between nations, it will start with a cyberwar. Russian and Chinese cyberspies were found hacking their way through the US power grid.