Hackintosh Jr. Casemod: Cute Enough For Kids

022609_rg_hackintoshjr_01.jpgHave you ever wanted a mini-sized Mac? Well this might be the Mac for you. Actually, this isn’t really a Mac, just a really nifty casemod. Modder Widefault decided not to wait for Mac to created or release a metal cased Mini, instead he just created his own. Usually, some of the smaller casemods look kind of cramped. This was is pretty sweet and it has the benefit of trying to look like its bigger brother, the Mac Pro.

Look! Perfect Lego Mac Pro

What could be better than a combination of two things that everyone loves: Legos and Macs? Well, at first glance, this seems to be a perfect reproduction of a Mac Pro made out of Lego. That’s not the whole story. It actually houses a PC running on Mac OS X and a Mac Mini, now how cool is that?