Dyson Airblade Tap: Wash and Dry

While it’s been designed for use in public spaces, I’m pretty sure that I’d like to have a Dyson Airblade Tap at home. This water faucet is combined with a very powerful hand dryer, which will dry your hands in a matter of seconds.

dyson airblade tap

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BeBionic3 Prosthetic Gives You a Hand That Luke Skywalker Would Want

Prosthetic limbs are getting more and more advanced. Between Oscar “Blade Runner” Pistorius, also known as “the fastest man on no legs”, and mind-controlled mechanical legs, it’s only a matter of time before full cybernetic replacement body parts are available. UK-based BeBionic is helping to advance this cause by giving amputees a very functional, and very cool-looking prosthetic hand.

bebionic3 bionic prosthetic hand

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Sandia’s Robot Hand Can Replace Battery in Flashlight


While the dream of fully autonomous cybernetic prosthetics might still be some time away, Sandia scientists have developed a robotic hand that has enough engineered dexterity to replace a battery in a small flashlight. It’s one of the intricacies of the human body and Sandia has approached the problem with a modular viewpoint.

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iPhone Dock Gives You a Hand Whenever You Need It

I sleep pretty deeply, but staring at a cold, pale, disembodied hand that holds my smartphone to stop my alarm will probably wake me up almost immediately. This smartphone stand from Harry Allen is supposed to elicit a response from anyone seeing it or touching it inadvertently in the middle of the night.

harry allen iphone hand dock

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Anthromod MK2 3D-Printed Robotic Hands: Terminators Set to Arise Next Year

This 3D-printed robotic hand is fully articulated and even has an opposable thumb. It’s called the MK2 from Anthromod and I’m sure that Skynet is pretty happy that we’re doing its bidding already.

anthromod articulated 3d printed robotic hand

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Print Your Own Terminator: Maybe 2012 is The End of the World

2012 is the year the world will end, if you are to believe the looneys who are convinced that because the Mayans didn’t bother to include 2013 on their calendars, it means Armageddon. While that might not happen, it won’t take much for it all to go to shreds if people start printing their own robots. Luckily, this is only a 3D printed robot hand. Then again, didn’t Skynet start with the robot hand of one of the Terminators sent back through time?

3D Printed Robot Hand Terminator 01

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Robotic LEGO Hand Controller Mimics Wearer’s Moves Remotely

David Hyman created this strange robotic hand that can be controlled via a wrist-mounted exoskeleton system. Because they’re as versatile as hot glue and duct tape, the whole thing is made out of LEGO parts..

lego robot hand exoskeleton

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Sariel’s LEGO Robot Hand Was Built In A Weekend

Sariel has just created this amazing robotic hand, that he built using only LEGO Technics parts. It took him just a weekend to come up with his build, that he appropriately calls The Hand. I don’t know what it is with all the LEGOs this week, but there’s just some awesome stuff out there!

lego sariel arm robot terminator

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