Orée Board Wooden Bluetooth Keyboard Looks Good, Naturally

As any touch-typist will tell you, the feel of the keys on a keyboard are quite important, a bit less that the spacing, but it’s one of the reasons why certain keyboards feel good and others don’t. Orée has just launched the Board, which is a wooden Bluetooth keyboard that looks like it’s got nice short-stroke, Mac-like keys. Now that’s not something you see every day.

oree bluetooth keyboard wood

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Grove Wooden iPhone Case Offers Natural Protection for iPhone 4/4S or iPhone 5

I liked the design of the Grove Skateback, but I’ve been waiting for Grove to release a full-on wooden case for the iPhone. It looks like that time has come, and you can even pre-order one for the iPhone 5. If you plan on sticking with your iPhone 4 or 4S, then you can buy yours right away.

grove case iphone wood handmade front

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Mujjo iPad Sleeve: Sustainable Materials, Smart Design

I definitely like the iPad sleeves and bags from Hard Graft, and these ones from Mujjo have a similarly pleasing aesthetic. This sleeve is part of Mujjo’s Originals collection, in which you’ll find good looking sleeves for iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks.

mujjo ipad sleeve leather

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RockAppleWood Sustainable iOS Device Dock Certainly Won’t Catch Fire

There are plenty of cool docks for your iOS devices, but I have to say that this one from RockAppleWood is certainly unique. This dock is even sustainable, and it looks very interesting, since it can dock not just one device, but an iPad and your iPhone/iPod at the same time. The wooden design offers a stark contrast to your favorite Apple gear.

rockapplewood apple ios dock etsy

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Star Wars AT-AT Vinyl Record Clock: The Empire Needs a Turntable

The Empire’s AT-ATs are wondrous, and that’s probably why I’ve seen them represented in so many different ways. This Star Wars AT-AT Vinyl Record Clock mashes up old vinyl records and AT-ATs for an awesome combination.

at at vinyl clock notbylaser

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Ouija iPad Leather Sleeve: iHear Dead People

If you believe in spirits or like the TV series Medium, then this is the iPad sleeve for you. It transforms your iPad into a portable Ouija board. Wait, isn’t there an app for that? Yes there is!

ouija board ipad sleeve joevleather

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Vintage Cameras Make Good Looking iOS Docks

What can you do with broken or discarded cameras that probably predate your date of birth? Unless they are still functioning, I guess they can make perfectly capable iPhone and iPod docks. Check out these retro docks made by Laboratoria Altieri. They put a whole new spin on reusing old tech.

vintage camera iphone dock

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Final Audio Muramasa VIII Headphones Cost as Much as a Used Car

Recently, I’ve been contemplating a pair of $1500 Sennheiser HD800s, but those cost but a fraction of Final Audio’s ultimate headphones, which will set you back a cool 8 grand. But if you like the words handmade and Japanese, you’ll probably covet these cans.

final audio muramasa 01

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Handmade QR Codes: Yep, They Still Scan!

QR codes are meant to be created digitally, but that didn’t stop Lauren Manning and Camile Wei-Hsin Lin from creating their own handmade versions, which surprisingly still scan just fine. Most of these were created using found objects, which makes them even more interesting.

curiosity project qr code handmade digital media

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Retro TV iPhone Case: 500,000 Apps, and Nothing’s on

This cute little felt case for the iPhone will work with your brand new iPhone 4S. The cover showcases the TV color bars that were broadcast once your favorite TV channel went off the air. It’s a soft carrying case, rather than a hard plastic one to protect your smartphone.

dawanda tv iphone case felt

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