Banana-Shaped Radiation-Proof Handset for Conducting All Your Monkey Business

I’ve rarely had to use a handset with my smartphone, maybe that’s because I don’t talk much on it, and most earphones tend to have built-in microphones, so they are perfectly capable of acting like handsets. However, if you talk a lot on your phone, and like the feeling of an old-school handset, check out this funny-looking one, shaped like a banana.

banana radiation proof handset

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Steampunk iPhone Dock and Handset: The Past is Calling, Will You Accept the Charges?

Remember that minimal Bluetooth handset? Well it looks like Woodguy32 has decided to put his own spin on the whole iPhone handset thing, with this steampunk-inspired dock. Except for the handset, most of this thing is made out of oak wood and brass, which is good, and it’s also really nice and retro.

woodguy steampunk dock ipod iphone touch retro wood

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Moshi Moshi 03 Bluetooth iPhone Handset: Going Retro with Style

If you’ve switched to using your cell phone as your main phone, and you’re kind of getting tired of it, then you should try this  Bluetooth add-on handset/dock created by French designer David Turpin. It’s called the Moshi Moshi 03.

moshi moshi david turpin bluetooth handset iphone hands free

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Turn Your iPhone Into a Desk Phone

There are a few desktop handsets for your iPhone, but this one is quite minimal, which makes it more attractive than some of the others out there. I guess something like this makes sense if you’re using the iPhone as your main home phone.


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Old School Handset Makes iPad Look Like Giant iPhone

Yes, we’ve heard all of the jokes, including the ones involving maxi-pads, but saying that the iPad is a big iPhone has actually become reality, well sort of. This old school handset is going to take up space, but it will sure make people laugh when you pull it out.

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ThinkGeek Bluetooth Retro Handset


ThinkGeek‘s Retro Bluetooth handset is one funny design. Most of those Bluetooth headsets are just plain annoying. This system is for the people who don’t like those clip Bluetooth headsets that make you look like you’ve just come off the set of Star Trek.

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Siemens Eco Friendly Handsets


The German high-technology giant has decided to try something green for its next series of telephone handsets. On top of that, Siemens is trying to make a bold and beautiful green statement with these cordless phone designs by Fromwelt.

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