Spigen Slim Armor iPhone 5 Case


If you want to match your iPhone case to your iPhone 5, then the Spigen Slim Armor Case might do the trick. It was designed to protect your iPhone and fits the phone very well. There’s a double-layered system that is also two-toned, consisting of a TPU case and a polycarbonate hard case with a metallic finish.

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The Hunger Tree

The Hunger Tree
The Hunger Tree

That story reminds me of something, he said. Student life isn’t so easy, especially when you have to support yourself. Between food and rent, there isn’t much left over.

The hardest was when I first arrived, he said. It wasn’t easy. I burned through my savings pretty quickly. Thankfully, I quickly found a job, but it was a full six weeks after I first arrived that I got my first paycheck. It wasn’t easy. I tightened my belt, ate the same food over and over again and went a bit hungry for a few weeks. If you’ve never known hunger, I suggest you fast and try it out. It’s humbling, he said. You’re tired for no reason, sleep doesn’t come easy and it’s easy to puke if you eat too much too quickly.

I remember one day, when I hadn’t eaten all day until I arrived home at 5PM. I made myself a shake, he said. It didn’t last long in my stomach, I projectile vomited it up a few minutes later. It wasn’t pleasant.

There was one time when I just didn’t have the money for the bus pass, he said. I had to walk everywhere for a day or two, until I got paid. I even walked in the rain. After classes, I was walking back when I stumbled upon a transfer bus ticket. It expired at 5:30PM. It was 5:40. It was completely wet. I delicately held it in my hand and got on the next bus. The driver accepted it and I was warm on my way home.