How To Deal When Your Internet is Down

partly offline 091412.jpgOver the last two days, I’ve been experiencing problems with my ISP. Since I do a lot of work online, and usually my computer is running 24/7, it was somewhat shocking to realize that I had no longer easy Internet access. However, since this has happened, I’ve still been able to remain productive and spend less time online, which is a good thing in my book. More

Cheap Ways to Rejuvenate Your Aged and Ailing Computer

081011_rg_RejuvenatePC_01.jpgWe’ve been living with an older PC for a few years, but like many users, we don’t really want to spend too much money on upgrading it fully, since we’ve added a couple new laptops to step in for the PC’s deficiencies. But using a PC for 5-7 years is possible, you only need to know which parts to upgrade when performance begins to hamper productivity…

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Remote Controlling Your Home Theater With Style

120209_rg_ThinkFlood_01.jpgThere’s nothing more annoying that being stuck with four or five different remote controls for your home theater system, especially if you have kids around, who tend to like hiding away the batteries of all remotes! Having a universal remote control makes a lot of sense, but there are always compromises with something that sounds like it will do what you desire. Here are our ideas on how you can remote control your home theater.

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