Physical Activity & Life Expectancy Quantified in Study


Previous studies have shown the link between physical activity and a lower risk of premature mortality, however the number of years of life expectancy gained among persons with different activity levels has remained unclear. In this new study, scientists have quantified it.

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Cancer-Fighting DNA Nanorobots Could Target Specific Cells for Repair

drug-delivering nanorobot
Images courtesy of Shawn M. Douglas / Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering.

Wyss Institute scientists have developed a drug-delivering nanorobot that looks like an open-ended barrel (above). The exterior surface of the device is programmed to recognize a target on a cell surface; the drug payload (purple) is secured with anchor strands (yellow) to the interior. Double-stranded DNA latches (blue, red, and orange) ensure that the robot unlocks only in the presence of a molecular key expressed by the target cells. That opens the device (below right), enabling the payload to attack only the designated cells.

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Robotic Tentacles Have a Soft Enough Touch to Pick Up Flowers


Typically, robotic hands have had trouble being dexterous enough and delicate enough to perform certain tasks, but robotics experts from Harvard University have been developing a series of soft robots, capable of accomplishing much more than previously.

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DNA Storage Record Broken: 1 Gram Could Hold As Much as 455 Exabytes


Researchers have been able to encode a draft of an entire book into DNA. The 5.27 MB file contains 53,246 words, 11 JPG images, as well as a JavaScript program, making this the largest piece of non-biological data ever stored in DNA.

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DARPA & Harvard’s Soft, Self-Camouflaging Robot


Researchers at Harvard University have developed a soft, walking robot for DARPA, which has the uncanny ability to camouflage itself within its environment. This system consists of a microfluid that’s networked throughout the robot’s chassis that is then used to camouflage or display various colors in different levels within its silicone sheets.

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