RC Hasbro Millennium Falcom Speed Stars: Pilot Your Own Kessel Run

Have you ever wanted to pilot your own Millennium Falcon from Star Wars? If you have, check out this remote-controlled Millennium Falcon from Hasbro’s Speed Stars series. You’ll be able to pilot your way through your own Kessel Run.

rc millennium falcon hasbro speed stars

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Kottke On How to Revive Dead Play-Doh

Kottke discovers the secret way of reviving dead and dried out Play-Doh.

Gi Joe: Rise of the Cobra

Kinda sucked royally. There were a few good bits, but mostly it was shitty. I can understand why Paramount didn’t screen this movie to critics, because it sucked so bad. I’m surprised that I made it through the whole flick.

And Snake Eyes with a mouth? WTF? Is he some strange alien thing like Venom? (you know what I mean, the symbiote, not the dude inside it!) Duke sucked royally.