Hat House Party

Flag of the Métis people via Wikipedia
Flag of the Métis people via Wikipedia

I was over at a friend’s place for a house party on Saturday night. My roommate was supposed to go with me, but he was elsewhere. I had been playing Mass Effect most of the night and decided to hope into the shower later. I almost didn’t go, but decided that I needed to socialize with people. I rarely socialize and the only socializing I usually do is thanks to my roommates and their friends.

Things went awry when I tried calling my wife. Apparently, our internet phone line was down and it took me a while to figure this out. I left late and had to walk there as I had just missed a bus. It was only a 10 minute walk though. The hostess is an ESL teacher and most people there were ESL teachers and graduate students. It makes for a great mix of nationalities, languages and conversation.

I arrived at an apartment which was completely packed. A lot of people were squeezing around. It was a fun night. I met Angela the roommate, who’s doing a doctorate in history. She’s a self-confessed feminist. She talked like women were still stuck in the fifties. I told her that I couldn’t fathom being with a girl who wanted to stay home and take care of the kids. She liked hearing that. I had a long talk with Anne, who’s doing a doctorate in ethnology on the Métis from Saguenay. We talked about how disconnected with reality graduate students become. I told her that real life was all about money, so she wasn’t missing much.

I saw Heather and Nat again. Heather has started working at a school as an English teacher in 2nd grade. She loves it. I told her that 4th grade was the worst. 2nd is fine because the kids still respect you and your authority as a grown-up.

As the night progressed, the party-goers became more and more intoxicated. I was hit on by women and men, which is always surprising.

At one point, a lot of people left. Mihow started dirty dancing with some girls. It was kind of a spectacle since everyone was inebriated. Then again, no one really noticed. Others joined in. I found it funny and had a talk with Darryl, who wants to go teach in Doha, Qatar.

I left the party when it was winding down. It was a fun night.