Ferrari Logic3 Cavallino T350 Headphones: Can’t Drive These Drivers

Mad about Ferraris, but you can’t afford to buy one in your lifetime? If you’re not worried about spending a little bit of cash, check out these Ferrari-branded headphones. The only question that I have is will they perform as well as they are priced?

cavallino over ear headphones

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Urbanears Plattan Tweed Headphones: The Retro Executive Headphones

You have to give it to Urbanears, their headphones are really distinctive, so much that I almost bought a pair without finding out how they sounded. This Plattan Tweed Edition is part of the Urbanears Editions range, and once again, these look pretty spiffy.

urbanears plattan headphones harris tweed front

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Diesel/Monster VEKTR Headphones: They Got the Beat

Sure, I like Diesel, but I never thought I’d see them make headphones. That’s probably one reason why Monster, whose widely-publicized split from Beats, provided the technical know-how to help make these. I’ll give the VEKTR Headphones one thing: they look unique.

diesel vektr headphones 1

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Alternatives to Apple’s New Earpods: Better Sound For Less Than $100

092512_rg_AppleEarpodAlternatives_01.jpgAmidst the hullabaloo of Apple’s recent iPhone event, perceptive people noticed the redesign of Apple’s venerable earpod. Everyone that has had an iPod or iPhone has used one of these, and they were among the worst earphones I’ve had, since they constantly kept popping out of my ears. Here are some alternatives to the new Apple earpods, which will guarantee better sound without costing too much. More

Marshall Brings Professional Sound Equipment Into the Home

180912_rg_MarshallConsumer_01.jpgYou may remember the name Marshall Amps from your high school band back in the day, or you may be familiar with their products if you frequent recording studios. Recently, the age-old company has ventured into the consumer market. Here is some of their new tech that you’ll want to check out the next time you’re buying speakers or headphones.


Marshall Minor Pitch Black Earphones: These Buds Stay in!

There’s nothing more annoying that going for a run or on errands and constantly having to pop  your earphones back into your ears because they fall out. It just gets ridiculous sometimes. Luckily, there are plenty of companies working hard so that this won’t happen to you ever again. These Marshall earphones are one of the latest batch of buds to solve this problem.

marshall minor pitch black earphones

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Samsung VOLVE Headphones Concept: A Bit of the Old, A Bit of the New

This headphone design looks pretty interesting. It combines a sort of retro-looking design with modern tech. They are sleek and stylish, and designer Andreas Konradsen says that they’re supposed to blur the boundaries between music and mind – whatever that means.

volve headphones over ear controls

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Sony X Headphones: X-Factor or Tech Factor?

When I think of X-Factor, I think of the mutant heroes in the Marvel Universe, not the Simon Cowell’s American Idol knock-off. Sure, Havok can’t belt out any tunes, but he can disintegrate your with his plasma blasts. That being said, these new Sony headphones look good, tech-wise, if you can get past the X-Factor branding.

sony x factor headphones over ear

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Monster DNA Headphones: No Beats Included

At the beginning of the year, there were rumors that Dr. Dre and Monster were going to split ways. Since then, Monster announced that it would no longer be producing Beats headphones and started marketing their own branded ones.

monster dna headphones

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Sennheiser Momentum Headphones: Wrap Your Ears in Leather and Steel

You’ve probably noticed that headphones are becoming a fashionable accessory once again, even when going out to bars and clubs. Thankfully these new Sennheiser headphones aren’t just for the hipsters, they have plenty of sound to satisfy your ears when you need to listen to your tunes.

sennheiser momentum headphones

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