O2Amp Mood Divining Glasses Let You See How Others are Feeling

These new glasses are supposed to amplify the wearer’s ability to interpret the emotions and health of other people, by emphasizing the differences in color as well as brightness of their skin tone. The O2amp glasses were developed by 2AI Labs and I’d like to try them out to see how accurately they work.

o2amp tinted sunglasses health

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You Lie!

That was pretty bad. This was the shout that the world heard. Republican rep Joe Wilson shouted this at President Obama when he was delivering his speech to the house on healthcare. Bidden and Pelosi in the back of President Obama looked extremely shocked, but POTUS didn’t miss a beat. He calmly said that it wasn’t true, hunched up his left shoulder and continued on. President Obama is cool under pressure, especially when facing hecklers like Wilson.

The House was shocked. Republicans condemned the outburst. I love this site. It says that Wilson dissed the President, so they will diss Wilson right back. I read about the outburst on Schott’s Vocab, which picked my interest. To me, the expression sounds like something out of South Park:

You lie! You lie and go to Hell!
Mr. Hat to Kyle

Actually, he didn’t really say this, he just said that Kyle would go to Hell.

To be precise, Wilson shouted this out when President Obama said that healthcare wouldn’t cover illegal immigrants.