Hello Kitty Ghostbusters Proton Pack: There’s Something Strange in Your Neighborhood

I would have never thought about combining Hello Kitty with Ghostbusters, but apparently somebody has. This custom proton pack was recently seen at this year’s NYC Comic Con. A lot of time went into it to make it look this good.

hello kitty ghostbusters cosplay nyc comic con retro

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Hello Kitty Boba Fett: The Cutest Bounty Hunter in the Universe

You can’t really say that combining the most dangerous bounty hunter in the galaxy with Hello Kitty makes sense, but I have to say that the resulting t-shirt looks pretty good. Who would have thought that Boba Fett could end up looking cute?

sandbox clothing hello kitty boba fett t-shirt star wars

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Hello Kitty & White Darth Vaders: The Lighter Side of the Dark Side of The Force

What the hell is Darth Vader doing dressed up in this Hello Kitty outfit?

darth vader hello kitty white star wars costume

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Hello Kitty TV Even Cuter Than Before

Hello Kitty is cute. There’s no denying it, as millions of teenagers all over the world will affirm. There is no shortage of TVs geared for children, but Hello Kitty TVs were somewhat scarce. That is, until now.