2015 AGV Pista GP & Corsa Review

When AGV released the Pista GP, it was pretty spectacular as it’s the only motorcycle helmet that I know that was designed with Finite Element Analysis. This is a technique to optimize and approximate missing data from known quantities. It’s pretty cutting age and processor intensive, but it does give good results. The Pista GP was made of 100% carbon fiber, while the Corsa used a blend of carbon fiber, fiberglass, and aramid.

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Bell Rogue Helmet: Ride Like a Stormtrooper

When you’re riding a motorcycle, you need protection. Personally, after having a couple of minor accidents, I can appreciate the idea of a full-face helmet, especially if you like to ride fast. The Bell Rogue Helmet helps protect your face from bugs and wind while looking totally badass.

bell rogue helmet dude

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POC’s Receptor BUG Snowboard Helmets Powered by Beats by Dre

I used to always listen to music while I was riding my motorcycle, but after a couple of close calls, I decided to switch the beats off. That being said, when you’re shredding powder, there aren’t as many obstacles that can kill you. If you prefer to listen to music while you’re snowboarding, then check out this helmet.

poc receptor bug headphones beats dre

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LumaHelm Light-up Helmet Improves Cyclist Safety

It’s reasonable to say that riding a bike in traffic can get dangerous quickly. That’s why I think that the LumaHelm is such a good idea – since it adds much needed visibility to cyclists, also allowing other vehicles to know exactly where they are going.

lumahelm smart led helmet bicycle

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Overade Folding Bicycle Helmet: No Excuses Anymore

I’ve been in a couple of biking accidents over the years, and lucky for me, I always wear a helmet, no matter what the temperature. However, I can see that having a bulky helmet around can get annoying, especially if you use your bike to go everywhere. The Overade folding bicycle helmet is designed take up a lot less space, so you won’t have any excuse to leave your helmet behind.

overade folding bike helmet

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Stormtrooper Helmet Made from adidas Sneakers

It seems appropriate that the week that I got myself a pair of adidas adiZero Feathers, a stormtrooper helmet made completely out of adidas sneakers turns up. This helmet was created by the blogger Freehand Profit of The Hip Hop Nerd to promote StarWarsRemix.com.

freehand profit star wars remix stormtrooper sneakers adidas helmet

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Geeky Motorcycle Helmets Look Great, Might Not Save Your Life

While I agree that these motorcycles helmets that Tigerpause444 created look pretty cool, all of his creations aren’t road legal, so no one will be starting a geeky biker club anytime soon. Still, they are interesting and distinctive.

iron man helmet tigerpause444 motorcycle fan art

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Kid Chameleon’s Mac Plus DJ Helmet

DJs are always looking for ways to make their sets unique. I know. I was a techno DJ a few years ago, and you’re always looking for something new. How about making your own DJ helmet, just like those Daft Punk boys? If you don’t have $65,000 and 17 months to make one, using an old Macintosh Plus is a cool idea, for a lot less money.

dj chameleon helmet macintosh plus daft punk

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Fallout 3 Helmet Replica: Better Graphics than the Game

I honestly can’t remember the amount of hours that I’ve spent playing Fallout 3. It’s one of those Bethesda Software games that you can play for hundreds of hours, if not more. Naturally, there are Fallout fans everywhere, and Josh Jay created this amazing looking Fallout 3 Brotherhood of Steel helmet replica as a tribute to the game.

fallout 3 replica helmet video games

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TRON Helmet Should Light Up to Make You Easier to Hit

I ride a scooter daily, and even I don’t like riding with an open-face helmet. Full-face helmets are the only way to go. But that didn’t stop the French company Ruby from designing their open-face TRON-inspired helmet.


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