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Survivor Heroes Vs Villains Anything Could Happen S20E14-15 (CBS)

Russ tells Parv and Sandra that using the idol was a bad play. Sandra doesn’t care. Russ is kind of flipping out. He thinks Parv knew about it. He tells Jerri and Colby that Parv is the next one out. Jerri agrees.

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Survivor Loose Lips Sink Ships S20E13 (CBS)

Rupert is pretty happy. Jerri comes whining to Parv that Russ was threatening her, that’s why she voted for Danielle. Parv no longer trusts Russ. Russ tries to spin this. Parv tells Russ that she is worried about going next.

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Survivor Heroes Vs Villains A Sinking Ship S20E12 (CBS)

Tonight, there will be two immunity challenges. Jerri immediately says that they don’t need Candice anymore. Rupert and Colby say that Candice killed them. The next day, Rupert vents his frustrations on Russ. Russ replies that Rupert is a dumbass.

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Survivor Heroes Vs Villains Jumping Ship S20E11 (CBS)

This is the night after tribal council. Russ is pissed that Parv and Danielle are in cahoots. They didn’t tell him about the plan. Rupert and Amanda talk. They want to bring Sandra over to their side.

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Survivor Heroes Vs Villains Going Down In Flames S20E10 (CBS)

The Heroes get a chest. They will be receiving company soon. It’s time for the merge. The Villains receive a key to the chest and a map to the Heroes’ camp. It’s time to merge.

Danielle, Russ, and Parv elaborate their strategy. Russ will tell them that he used the immunity idol and Courtney got evicted. They arrive at the Heroes’ camp. JT thinks that Parv played another idol and that’s why Courtney is gone. How stupid is this guy? Did he actually win Survivor? The open the box and find some food. They have a leg of ham and start chowing down. They immediately start building something. Parv looks like the odd woman out. She feels ostracized. Parv thinks that they will put her name down. Russ tells his tale to JT and Rupert. They are eating that shit up, which is what Sandra would say.

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Survivor Heroes Vs Villains Survivor History S20E09 (CBS)

Basically, the situation at the Villain’s camp is all down to Coach and Jerri. Jerri talks with Danielle, who says that she didn’t want to tell her. Russ doesn’t tell Jerri her that he was the instigator of Coach’s demise. Well, actually Sandra was, but Russ believes that it was all him.

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Survivor Heroes Vs Villains Expectations S20E08 (CBS)

Boston Rob was evicted. This gives the Heroes a chance to make a comeback. At Villains’ camp, Parv and Russ are celebrating. Danielle is also jubilant. Coach takes the high road, but he made the tactical mistake of not voting for Russ. Coach isn’t happy with Jerri. Coach doesn’t think that they’ll win another challenge. Jerri is praying for the merge.

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