China Working on High-Speed Train That Can Hit 310 MPH… on Rails

The fastest train that I’ve been in is Taiwan’s High Speed Rail and it went about 190 mph. That’s pretty fast for a land-based vehicle if you ask me. You can basically get from one end of the island to the other in about 90 minutes. Now, China is testing a 310-mph super-train. I guess since China is so big, they need a way to get across vast distances quickly.

China Tests 310 MPH Train 01

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Hong Kong and Back

Just popped out of Taiwan and got my real visa in HK. This will probably be the last time that I go to Hong Kong this year. For some reason, I spoke a lot of French, which was refreshing. I hate (that’s a strong word) always talking English or the little Mandarin that I speak. I wouldn’t mind speaking German with some Germans. I got to get out more. I don’t hate speaking English, but I like speaking different languages.

To see some more HK photos, click here. I’ve integrated most of them in some posts.

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