In Your Opinion What Are the Golden Globes?

Did you watch the Golden Globes last night? Of course you didn’t! The Golden Globes are a disgusting display of Hollywood autofellatio that Al Qaeda could use in recruitment videos to drum up hatred for Americans. With that said, last night’s Globes did contain one genuinely hilarious moment.
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The Polanski Furore

The Observer on the divide between Hollywood and the rest of America about their reaction to Polanski. This led me to Kate Harding’s post. Her original post that went viral was for Broadsheet. Harris from The Observer remarked at how Hollywood’s reaction had united different American factions, from feminists to right-wing activists. I also liked Kate’s piece on Whoopi Goldberg’s insane rape-rape comment.

Hollywood and Roman Polanksi

There’s a reason why Hollywood is coming out and trying to save Polanski. Just like Whoopi Goldberg said, it wasn’t rape-rape. That’s actually true. It wasn’t rape. He just raped and sodomized a 13-year old girl. He then fled the country to avoid prosecution. Justice is blind.

What I Learned From Watching Thick As Thieves

First of all, this movie isn’t good. Banderas is supposed to be an up and coming thief, but he’s about 50 or 60 in real life, so that premise doesn’t work well. (That was a mind google, but I just checked Wikipedia, and he’s 49.)

The other thing that I learned was that he likes really young chicks. Well, actually, Radha Mitchell is about 36, so maybe not that young, but she’s hot and youngish, so she seems a lot younger. Initially, I could tell that Radha wasn’t a 20-something. I was surprised when she turned out being older than I. For some reason, when I saw that she was born in 1973, I thought that she was 33. After a few moments, that conclusion didn’t make any sense.

Radha Rani Amber Indigo Anunda Mitchell. That’s Radha’s full name. She’s an Australian actress. I remember seeing her in Melinda & Melinda. At least more thought went into that name than Pilot Inspektor, Jason Lee’s and Beth Riesgraf’s incredibly stupidly named son.

She’s insanely hot, which you can also appreciate from exhibit A.

Exhibit A, the hotness of Radha Mitchell
Exhibit A, the hotness of Radha Mitchell

Banderas wants to play 20-somethings, but he can’t. He just looks old. Morgan Freeman is older, but not as annoying.

Fabergé eggs can’t be made out of wood. That’s just plain stupid.

A safe that lets you try out as many combinations as possible is just plain stupid as well. No one has safes like that anymore.

That’s it.

So basically, it was all about Radha. The rest was junk. I don’t recommend this movie. It sucks. It’s predictable and formulaic, but at least it made me remember that Radha was a hot chick.

Ghost Town

Ghost Town poster, via Wikipedia
Ghost Town poster, via Wikipedia

I saw Ghost Town recently. This was after I tries watching The Office UK. Just a quick word on that. I didn’t like The Office UK. It wasn’t that funny and it was pretty awkward. I guess I was supposed to find it funny, but after two episodes of the same thing, I just couldn’t watch it anymore. I suggest you try watching Little Britain instead. Now, that’s hilarious.

So back to Ghost Town. The protagonist in Ghost Town is Ricky Gervais, the guy behind The Office.

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Indiana Jones

Image via wikicommons.

I just saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I liked it a lot. The inclusion of extra-terrestrials in this movie was a bit strange, but made sense in some fashion. All of the stunts and the acting were great. I liked Cate Blanchet as the Russian paranormal researcher.

Out of the last three Indiana Jones movies, all three involved religious artifacts. This one involves an extra-terrestrial one. I think that it takes some getting used to, but it works well with Indiana Jones.

I did miss the Nazis as villains. The Nazis make great villains, ’cause you just want Indy to clobber then senseless. One thing is for sure, it made me want to see the Indiana Jones movies again, which I will do this weekend.

This movie was better than Iron Man. In my book, it was way better. I recommend it. Full review is coming up.

Driving In The Rain

I hate driving in the rain.

I no longer get that wet, since I got some decent rain gear, but it just sucks. You can’t drive as fast, traction is really bad and there are a lot of stupid scooter drivers out there.

With a recent scooter, you can almost disregard the rain. I saw a few guys driving like it was dry. But with an older one, there is always something that isn’t completely right. Either it’s the brakes, the tyres or some strange feeling in the motor, like water got into it somehow.

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