Samsung HomeSync: One Box to Rule All Set-Top Boxes?

From HTPCs to set-top boxes, there are plenty of devices that you need to make your home theater system work better. I definitely like the sound of the Samsung HomeSync, since it will combine several devices into a single one.

samsung homesync google tv media

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Gaming Hubs: Make Your Own Or Buy One?

012611_rg_DIYGaming_01.jpgYesterday, we mentioned a few ways to keep your gaming area clean and organized. However, what if instead of making and/or hacking your own, you could buy one? Which would be the best to use? Read on to find out more.

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Keeping Your Gaming Area Organized

012511_rg_OrgHomTheaConsole_01.jpgIt’s true that if you are a console gamer, then you need to keep you gaming area tidy, as they can rapidly become very messy very quickly. The trick is to be consistent and clean up each and every time, otherwise the mess seems to grow on its own.

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Gabriele’s Asymmetric IKEA Besta Hack From Italy

121410_rg_BestHackHome_01.jpgThis interesting-looking home entertainment center hack comes courtesy from Gabriele, and there are some good reasons why it stands out from the crowd. It’s wall-mounted, so it seems to float and it’s asymmetrical, which is always a nice touch when you want something distinctive.

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Hacking A Bench Into A Home Entertainment Center

We’ve seen a lot of shelves and credenzas hacked into home entertainment centers, but this is the first time that we’ve seen a bench hacked into a really good-looking cabinet for all of your home theater gear. A lot of thought went into this build to make it stand out.

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