Sony BRAVIA Smart Stick: Smarten up Your HDTV by Hitting It with a Stick!

There are lots of different kinds of USB dongles and adapters to make your home entertainment system play nice with your computers, but Sony has just announced the release of a smart stick, which will hopefully smarten Sony HDTVs.

sony bravia smart stick 1 620x516

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Skube: The & Spotify Radio

If you’re like me, you’ve probably got some tunes playing while you tackle your daily workload. Depending on if you use or Spotify, the Skube might be an interesting way to share your music. It has a lot of retro design appeal, and the skewed cube look is pretty neat.

skube last fm spotify radio retro player

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Roku Streaming Stick: Smarten Up Your TV

It looks like Roku has been reduced to a USB stick. The new Roku Streaming Stick is about to make your dumb TV a whole lot smarter, without much of a fuss. The stick now looks like a simply USB flash drive, and I have to say that I like this form factor.

Roku Streaming Stick 01

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La Boite: Incredible Arcarde Home Entertainment Unit

090109_rg_laboite_01.jpgIf you are a fan of video games and arcades, you should look no further for a home entertainment unit to house your home theater. La Boite Concept is a great way to put all of your home theater needs in one simple solution which looks like a video arcade. While this may not work in all living rooms, it’s something that could easily fit in the basement or a loft.

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