Panasonic 103″ Plasma TV Monster


Panasonic‘s latest 103″ plasma TV monster is getting cheaper. However, in the world of 103″ plasma TVs, cheaper is a relative term.

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Portable PC Theater


The Portable PC Theater is a beautifully designed combo, by South Korean industrial designer Jin Woo Han. It is a computer and an LCD projector, all in one. It allows people to enjoy movies anywhere they want.

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Sonance Kayak Speaker


There are a lot of high-end speakers out there, but this is one of the most striking ones we’ve seen. Sonance’s website says that the Kayak is the latest addition to their NACSound range. Kayak is designed to be suspended horizontally between two opposing walls or pillars, or vertically between floor and ceiling. It is ideal for use in homes or anywhere with insufficient space to mount speakers from the ceiling.


Kayak was designed by the Italian firm NACSound and Ron Arad and continues the concept of a single body with stereophonic emission. This means that you only need one Kayak speaker to get full stereo sound.

The lamp-like cones on the top and bottom of the speaker each contain a coaxial driver array. The jewel-shaped centerpiece is an acoustic reflector that was computer designed to give the best possible sound.

Kayak produces 60W of sound, at a sensitivity of 86dB. It’s available for $2900 and comes in 14 different finishes.

[via DVice, photos by Sonance]

Home Theater System Doubles As TV Stand


Home theater stands are a dime a dozen, but not all are equal. If you have components from different manufacturers, circa different decades, or simply not from the same series, all your pieces can look mismatched. Sony has come up with an innovative concept to solve this. The Sony RHT-G500 is a home theater system that doubles as a TV stand…

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360: The Mulitfunctional Rotating Cabinet By FAK3


Space is always a premium in Asia. This forces design firms to come up with innovative ideas in order to manage space. The 360 is an interesting design, but it does take up a lot of space in a room. That doesn’t change that it’s an elegant solution to the problem…

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