Bloom Energy’s Residential Generator Promises Clean Energy

We all have to admit that the energy the average house consumes is quite big and the carbon footprint of everyone on the planet just keeps on getting bigger. But what if there was a better way of creating and using energy?

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Replacing Air Purifiers With Household Plants

Since the air in our cities is becoming more and more polluted, a lot of families have been purchasing air purifiers in order to clean up the air inside their homes. While air purifiers are sometimes needed for health reasons, most of us can just hack those air purifiers and use plants instead.

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How to Monitor Your Home Utilities Usage Using Webcams and Google Android

060809_rg_howto_util_01.jpgIt’s always good to find new ways of saving money. One of the easiest ways is monitoring the amount of electricity that you use, plus the amount of water and gas. This lets you see how to curtail needless spending. We’ve featured a bunch of different devices that can help you with this, but there are currently none available that let you monitor the amount of water and gas that your home spends. Moto Labs have come up with an innovative, yet time consuming way of doing this.

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Arco’s Utilitarian Slim office

012009_rg_slimoffice_01.jpgWorkstations are always a problem. It’s not easy to get the right one. A work place is also always a work in progress. It’s not easy to get everything right. There is always room for improvement. I’ve had a lot of different workplaces and sometimes the simplest ones are the best ones. We think that simple, minimal and elegant looking office furniture is the way to go to keep the office a good place to work.


Globus: The Collapsible Office

Many people working from home face the challenge of an ever decreasing space. It’s not easy to setup a home office when space is at a premium. Even though the above image might look a bit confusing, the Globus is actually a collapsible chair and desk designed by Michiel van der Kley.

Thoughts On Going Home And Mathematics

I’ve lived in Quebec for over 20 years. Coming home is strange, especially after having spent two years abroad. Since I’ve actually come home to Quebec City, not Montreal, things are even more particular. Before leaving Canada, my wife and I lived in Montreal for four years.

So technically, I haven’t lived in Quebec City since 2002. It is strange. The city and its people have changed so much that it could just be another city. Most of my friends are busy making babies and buying houses. Friends have gotten older. They’ve got new responsibilities. Things aren’t the same. Though I never expected them to be any different.

I haven’t really seen anyone since my return. Does that bother me? Not that much. It’s another Friday night and I’m home in front of my computer. The weather is maussade, French for wet, drippy and a bit depressing.

I like being able to walk on grass and not having to worry about dog turds that much. That’s something that’s always on my mind in Taiwan. Dog shit is everywhere in the public parks. It’s even on the asphalt. I like not smelling the sewers and the garbages all the time.

I like how people actually speak the same language as me, and that they are friendly. Well, that goes for the student population. I find students extremely friendly here. I like how people are less racist here in Quebec. It’s draining in Taiwan.

I like going to school. It’s very stimulating. You realize how easy it is not to use your brain that much. At school, you don’t have a choice. At least in my mathematics classes. I don’t know how it is for other students. I love how abstract math is.

The definite integral of a function
The definite integral of a function (image via Wikipedia)

People always thinks that math is filled with numbers, derivatives, and integrals. That’s not really the case. We see that in college. University level math in the math faculty is a lot different. It’s filled with theorems, demonstrations and their applications. Calculators are mostly forbidden. You rarely need to calculate anything. Naturally, there are number theory classes and numerical analysis classes. But that’s not really what I’m talking about.

It’s not always easy to explain what I’m studying. I try to, but it doesn’t always make sense to people who haven’t really studied math exept at a high school level.

First Billion Dollar Home

The world’s first billion dollar home. (via cf)