The Honda HF2620 Lawnmower: It’s Probably Faster Than Your Car

When you’re cutting your lawn, it always seems to take a lot of time. Not anymore, thanks to this lawn mower, which can mow your lawn at speeds of up to 130 mph. OK, maybe that’s not entirely accurate, but still, it’s fast enough for the Stig from Top Gear!

honda team dynamics hf2620

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Osaka Tower Robot vs Honda Asimo: Fight!

This image is worth a thousand words: on which robot would you bet your money? My money is on Honda’s Asimo – I’m sure that he’ll kick the tower-bot’s bony ass!

tsutenkaku honda asimo robot wars osaka japan

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Honda Asimo Robot Gets A Redesign After 13 years

You’ve probably seen or heard about this little robot, the Honda Asimo. Well, after 13 years, it was time for a much needed redesign.

honda asimo robot japan 4gen

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Suzuki Gixxer And Ghost Rider

Recently, I’ve been reading up on a few super sport bikes, and the GSX-R comes to the forefront, with the Honda CBR-1000 and the Yamaha YZF R1. The Suzuki has got some interesting looks and an excellent stock exhaust system. On top of that, it has 185 bhp, if you could believe that!

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