TOUCHY Human Camera: The Truman Show IRL, Only Bulkier

Are you using your smartphone to Instagram and Tweet photos all over the place? Get into the 21st century, thanks to TOUCHY, Eric Siu’s wearable camera that captures images from the perspective of its wearer.

touchy camera eric siu touch activated

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G.O.D.’s Literati Roll Case for Blackberry Playbook: Roll Up Your Tablet

This new case from Hong Kong’s Goods of Desire is called the Literati and it’s made to work with the Blackberry Playbook. On top of having a sweet name, G.O.D. makes some interesting accessories. The case is a play on Apple’s Smart Cover, though it works a little differently.

literati god case playbook 01

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JC/DC Gummy Me Watch: Wear an Extraterrestrial Rabbit on Your Wrist

If you love (or loathe) Jean Charles de Castelbajac’s funky watch designs, then check out these unusual new watches from JC/DC that look like rabbits. Once you take them off your wrist, they look like they might hop away.


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Earth Hour 2010

Hong Kong as seen from The Peak

I had a really hard time deciding which photo I liked the best. These photos showcase Earth Hour 2010 which took place on the 27th of March all over the world. What I really like is that you can see the photos fade in and fade out, which is really cool. The above photo was taken before Earth Hour. Check out The Big Picture to see what it looks like during Earth Hour. {via the big picture}

Hong Kong and Back

Just popped out of Taiwan and got my real visa in HK. This will probably be the last time that I go to Hong Kong this year. For some reason, I spoke a lot of French, which was refreshing. I hate (that’s a strong word) always talking English or the little Mandarin that I speak. I wouldn’t mind speaking German with some Germans. I got to get out more. I don’t hate speaking English, but I like speaking different languages.

To see some more HK photos, click here. I’ve integrated most of them in some posts.

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Daily Financial Crisis Recap 14.10.08

After a rally yesterday spurned by promises of cash injections into banks, stocks stopped climbing and plateaued. The Dow lost 76.62 pts. Indexes in Japan and Hong Kong gained strong points today. Japan’s main Nikkei 225 rose by almost 14.47% amidst assurances from the govt that they would back deposits and inject funds into banks. HK guarantees $773 billion in its banks.

Paulson wants bank to deploy the capital they’ll receive from the govt. Bank of NY Mellon will oversee bailout spendings.

Plunging shares will stop consumers from spending on electronics during this holiday season. Electronics? I’m buying bikes! Manufacturers in Taiwan and Korea are expecting less demand for their products.

Recession fears grow in Europe.

Iceland got some help from Denmark and Norway. It’s asking the IMF for help so it will have to stop to defend its currency. It’s benchmark index dropped by 80% on Tuesday.

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