Africa’s Underwater Hotel The Manta Resort: Is That Captain Nemo out My Window?

I guess that if you’re not afraid of water, then underwater hotels can make for some fabulous sights. This new one will provide you with an amazing stay, thanks to being submerged more than 13 feet below the surface of the ocean.

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October 3 2008

Ozone Hotel on Boul Laurier
Ozone Hotel on Boul Laurier

Ozone pubs made so much money that they opened a hotel.

Travelodge Container Hotel

The budget hotel company Travelodge just completed their first recycled hotel in the UK. Astonishingly, the building is made from stacked shipping containers and then the exterior of the building is cladded.

It contains 86 shipping containers, which were prepared in China with furnishings. The containers were shipped to the UK, bolted together and installed into the frame of the building. (via designbloom)

Dolder Grand Hotel Redesign

The dolder grand hotel in Zürich, is getting a full redesign by foster+partners.