HP HD 5210 Webcam Lets You Skype in Hi-Def: Is That a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

I’m always annoyed at the low resolution I have on my integrated webcam, so it makes sense to get something with a more pixels. HP’s HD 5210 will allow you to Skype in HD, which can be good or bad, depending on how you’re looking that day. Actually, it’s probably all good for most of us.


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Buying a Greener PC Part 3

072911dell-studio-hybrid-range-green-eco-pc.jpgWhile you can toil and try to build your own greener computer, there are some manufacturers who actually already offer energy efficient and greener parts sourced computers. These ready-made solutions will allow you to choose a computer that uses less energy and possibly has more recyclable parts for easier e-cycling. Not all of these options are widely known, which is a shame, but here are a few we think are worth considering the next time you’re in the market for a new machine…

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Do Touch-Based All-in-one Computers Make Sense?

021111_rg_TouchBasedPCs_01.jpgWhile we love using iPads and iPhones, we have to say that we are somewhat dubious about using a touch-based all-in-one PC at home. HP and a few other manufacturers don’t see this as a problem. The new TouchSmart comes with a swivel screen, allowing for easier access when manipulating the computer with gestures.

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HP Slate Protoype Spy Shots Uncovered: Finger-Clicking Good?

It looks like HP’s foray into the tablet world has been finally shown up in an actual, functional device. The HP Slate looks interesting enough. The only concern is, how will it be priced? Because we can tell you that the Samsung Galaxy is priced higher than an iPad.

hp slate tablet computer pc ipad mac apple

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HP’s Notebook Projection Companion Is Compact, Bright

If you’re looking for an easy way to project something off your laptop, then look no further. HP’s  Notebook Projection Companion should satisfy your needs, in a really compact package.

hp notebook projection companion

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Wired Review Of HP Blackbird

HP Pavilion Entertainment PC Series

My roommate got a new laptop for his work. I was surprised to find out that he paid about $800. It’s an HP Pavilion Entertainment series, comes with dual core 2.16 processors, 4GB of RAM, 320 GB of HD, and it looks pretty cool. It’s comes with a 15.4 glossy WXGA wide-screen display.

On top of those nice specs, it looks good. It’s got some designs all over its surface, the keyboard has a nice response to it. The lights are all white, and just like Apple computers, the HP logo lights up on its cover. I was really impressed by it. Prices have come down significantly in the last year.

Having learned my lesson with laptops back in 2004, I will never buy a desktop replacement laptop again. That being said, I’m probably going to try a tablet PC next, something like the Lenovo X200 Tablet series or the HP Touchsmart. For some reason, HPs are getting really affordable. A quick check in Taiwan let me know that these fancy new computers can be had for between $1000 and $1500. For some reason, configuring the X200 on Lenovo’s American website led me to an $3,800 MSRP. That’s pretty shitty. The Touchsmart was a whole lot cheaper. One of my caveats would be getting a 64-bit OS and having 8GB of RAM. Other than that, 500GB of internal storage and that’s pretty much it. Factoring this in, it would be a lot cheaper to do this myself, since I don’t think I’ll spend the $800 extra to get 4GB extra and MSW 7 64-bit from the vendor.

Then again, vendors in Taiwan aren’t like vendors in the US. I’ve never paid for having an OS installed on my computers.

Gifts for the Non-Mac Fans: Four New Must Haves for the Holidays

New gadgets come out every day, but it’s not that often that you come upon gadgets that are really must-haves. Without a doubt, MacBooks and iPhone rule, but there are a lot of PC users out there and a lot of people who haven’t yet switched to the iPhone. For those of you like that, here is a must-have list for this holiday season.

HP TouchSmart: The Perfect Computer For Other Rooms


The second generation of the HP TouchSmart was just released in July 08, but HP decided that the IQ500 wasn’t enough. They just announced the release of the IQ800 series. The TouchSmart concept was initially designed to be used in the kitchen and other rooms which normally wouldn’t have any computers.

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HP Wireless Desktop Features A Ctrl+Alt+Del Key


Not only does this new HP wireless keyboard and mouse combo look good, it features something that we haven’t seen on any other keyboard: a Ctrl+Alt+Del key. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a key to unlock your workstation, start the Task Manager or reboot your computer under the Windows OS. If that isn’t enough, the keyboard has 27 functions keys.

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