Poodle USB Hub: Cute and Portable

I like powered USB hubs, but that doesn’t mean that cute and portable ones can’t be useful too. Check out the Poodle USB Hub that looks like your favorite four-legged friend, but has enough USB ports to keep your gadgets connected when you’re on the go.

poodle usb hub laptop

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Robot USB Hub: No Transformer But Still Cooler than Yours

USB hubs can be slightly boring, especially when you go through them quickly. It’s one of those pieces of hardware that easily breaks down due to either cheap construction, the constant plugging and unplugging of devices, or both. That being said, there’s no reason why you can’t have fun the next time you replace yours. Here’s a Robot USB Hub that might make you chuckle a bit while you plug in your peripherals.

Robot Hub sitting down

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Click here to find out more! Peas USB Hub: Not as Dirty it Looks

This funky-looking gadget might look like something kinky that was destined for your bedroom, but it’s not. It’s called the Peas USB Hub, a 4-port hub designed to look like peas in a pod.

peas usb hub lexon design computing

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Gaming Hubs: Make Your Own Or Buy One?

012611_rg_DIYGaming_01.jpgYesterday, we mentioned a few ways to keep your gaming area clean and organized. However, what if instead of making and/or hacking your own, you could buy one? Which would be the best to use? Read on to find out more.

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3 Great Uses For Old Routers

Just like most people, you’ve probably got a few old routers lying around. It’s true that unlike computers, phones, and tablets, routers are somewhat of a less obvious upgrade choice, but if you want to improve the reception of your home network, it’s best to have a good one on hand.

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Acer Showcases Its New Streaming Hub

Acer just released information on their new streaming hub, named the Revoview. It’s similar to the Revo, albeit in a smaller form factor. It’s basically a media storage and streaming device for your home. It can be accessed via your home network and will work with many different devices.

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24-Port USB Port: Some Say Overkill, I Say Perfect

You’ve probably got a bunch of peripherals that need to be plugged into USB ports. There are plenty of hubs out there,  but until now, none of those hubs had enough ports for me. That’s until the 24-port USB hub came out.

usb port hub

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Great-Looking Illuminated Speaker and USB Hub

092809_rg_iluhub_01.jpgWhen you work with your laptop, you tend to use a few USB hubs when you are on the go. It doesn’t really matter from what brand they are, as long as they work well. It’s also best to work with some kind of light while you are typing on your computer. When you are on your laptop, this isn’t always easy to find.

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Stackable LEGO USB Hubs: Stack As Many As You Want!

051509_rg_lego_usb_stackable_01.jpgWe love LEGO bricks and we know that you love them too. That’s why we always look for LEGO devices. Maybe it’s because we loved LEGOs when we were kids. Maybe it reminds us of those hours spent assembling our latest creations. We’ve featured a few different LEGO USB hubs. This is the first one that actually looks pretty decent. The best thing is that it’s pretty cheap too!

Side Wired Desk: Saves You the Trouble of Bending Over

050709_rg_side_wired_desk_01.jpgWe all have problems with wires. In a perfect world, everything would be unplggd, but since we can’t have that yet, we have to find other solutions to manage the mess of wires that are found underneath each and every desk. The Side Wired Desk is a solution to the mess of cables lurking under desks. It enables you to use the desk as an electrical hub to plug in a bunch of other stuff.