Hubble Views What is Probably the Most Distant Known Galaxy


The galaxy known as MACS0647-JD is located behind an enormous galactic cluster MACS J0647+7015 that lies between the Big and Little Dipper. Data shows that MACS0647-JD is probably the most distant galaxy ever seen.

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Infant Galaxy Showcases Star Systems in the Early Universe


A rare cosmic zoom lens, which uses the gravity of a large mass to magnify light from distant objects, has allowed a team of US and European astronomers to spot a galaxy so remote that its light was emitted 490 million years after the Big Bang, which is 3.6% of the Universe’s current age.

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Hubble Peers at 10 Billion Year Old Globular Cluster NGC 6752


These images captured by the Hubble Space Telescope showcase a globular cluster, NGC 6752, a spherical grouping of gravitationally bound celestial bodies that’s over 10 billion years old, which means that it’s 5 billion years older than our solar system and was formed only 3.75 billion years after the formation of the universe.

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Hubble Discovers NGC 1073, A Barred Spiral Galaxy Similar to Milky Way


The Hubble Telescope unveiled an eerie twin galaxy to the Milky Way today. NGC 1073, a barred spiral galaxy like the Milky Way, is located 55 million light-years away in the Cetus constellation.

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SN Primo Is Farthest Type Ia Supernova Discovered


Supernova Primo originated 9 billion years ago, when its progenitor star exploded. The light was captured by the Hubble Space Telescope by a three-year project specifically trying to find Type Ia supernovae. These types of supernovae are paramount in order to discover more about the inflationary nature of our universe.

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Life-Size Plywood Hubble Telescope Won’t Ever Go Into Orbit

These amazing sculptures were created by the Australian artist Peter Hennessey.  And no, they can’t fly. They’d probably burn up on lift-off if you even tried to launch one into space.

peter hennessey hubble plywood space ship

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