Next Generation NAO Robots Ready to Take Over the World

The French company Aldebaran Robotics just released their next generation NAO mini-humanoid robot, which boasts a bunch of new features that will make it quite formidable. The compact ‘bot stands 1′ 10″ high, and “sees” using high-resolution cameras. It can understand both visual and audio input, and communicates in eight different languages.

aldebaran robotics robot nao programmable next gen

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Turkish Iron Man Robot Will Hopefully Not Go Crazy and Kill Us All

I didn’t expect Turkey to come up with its own Iron Man, but it looks like they did. It was created by a research team at the Sabanci University in Istanbul and is Turkey’s first humanoid robot. They call him SURALP, not Turkish Iron Man, which seems kind of a shame.

suralp robot turkey iron man robotics humanoid

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Myon Humanoid Robot Looks Cute, But Only Has One Eyeball

It looks like another company is working on a cute humanoid robot. This time, the ‘bot comes from Germany, and he’s some kind of walking cyclops.


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