Human Y-Chromosome Has Enough Genes to Stay for Millions of Years


The male-sex determining Y chromosome is here to stay, having lost only one gene in the last 25 million years, a new study of human and rhesus monkey states. The study questions the notion that the Y chromosome is shedding genes and doomed to eventually degenerate.

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Humans Implicated in Africa’s Deforestation 3,000 Years Ago


A new study published in the journal Science suggests that humans might have played a significant part in the sudden deforestation of rainforests from Central Africa. This work contradicts the prevailing view that the expansion of farming practices was the root cause as well as the increased incidence of long, severe dry spells.

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Humans Were Endangered

Funny, I thought that this was a good article, as we might become endangered once again at some time in the future.