The Last Cat Dinner on the Storytree

It was a busy week, and it had taken Mr. Fuzzles a lot of time to finish up the year at Cat School. From kitty report cards to marking pet exams, the way that the end of the year was organized at his Cat School was terrible. He had finished late more than once a week, finalizing everything. He had barely had any time at all to get high on some catnip or play with Tigger. He had already one end of year feast planned for the following week. Unlike this one, he knew that his other kitten school would pay for everything. It was a kind of local tradition. They weren’t dogs, they were civilized. It was what was expected.

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World’s Fastest Lawnmower Hits Nearly 100 mph

I’ll never understand why people need to make slow stuff go really fast. If you want to go fast, you should just buy a jetcar or something like that. Then you’d be going really fast. Ah well, jetcars… They aren’t yet available for us mere mortals. Well, even if he’d like to have a jetcar, Bobby Cleveland decided to make his lawnmower go incredibly fast instead.

bobby cleveland world fastest lawnmower

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Are Facts Too Confusing? Try Fake Science

Are facts too confusing for you? Then you should try out Fake Science. It will answer all of your questions without those pesky, annoying facts that everyone keeps flaunting around.

fake science tumblr websites humor facts

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Star Wars Yoga: Relaxing Yoga Poses Keep Jedi Minds Sharp and Bodies Relaxed

I had trouble believing that this was real until I saw the photos. Well, I’m half convinced. There’s no doubt that the poses do resemble vehicles and positions from Star Wars, but I have trouble seeing anyone but total Star Wars nerds – who are also into Yoga, doing these.

star wars yoga fun george lucas

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Web Browsers Illustrated

Caldwell Tanner is a cartoonist for College Humor and he made this great little cartoon comparing the different browsers to their equivalent modes of transportation.


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The BeardMe iPhone App: Do You Want The Mustache On Or Off?

This is way more fun than useful, but the BeardMe iPhone app enables you to quickly add facial hair to people who don’t have any! Imagine, no more inking in mustaches with that Sharpie pen!

beardme app iphone fun digital imaging

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iPad Fail: Will The iPad Jokes Ever Stop? Probably Never

I don’t know what is funnier. The actual name of the iPad or this Photoshopped image of another theoretical iPad box. When I saw this image, I had to find out more about it.

ipad fail photoshop apple mac device mobile

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A Former Investment Banker & Plan B

I thought that this piece on McSweeney’s was pretty funny. It’s about a failed investment banker turning to his plan B, law school.

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