Tips From Alison Rosen On Internet Slang For Old People

This is a guide for the olds so that they can appear hip to the youngs. Awesomesaucilicious!

To indicate you’re hip to the awesomesauciness of epic mastication, next time you invite a colleague to lunch say something like, “Wanna grab some lunch? Om nom nom!” “Oh man,” your colleague will think, “That person is passionate about life and capable of chewing! I would like him or her on my team.”

Kanye West is a Gay Fish

If you don’t know what this is about, then you didn’t see this week’s South Park. It was hilarious, poking fun at, you guessed it, Kanye West. West himself replies on his blog with caps on. (via waxy)

FMyLife in Differential Equations

Today I was sitting in my Differential Equations class, taking notes as usual. The professor was just making a really good point, saying that Fourier coefficients were actually the terms of a series of trigonometric polynomials in a L2 metric space, coupled with a measure of distance that he had just defined. It was an interesting point and I sat back and put my mechanical pencil in my mouth. I didn’t notice that I grabbed the lid and when I took it out of my mouth to continue writing, all of the leads fell out and went all over the floor. FML.

Drive Someone Insane With Postcards

An interesting auction on ebay from the Banterist, drive someone insane with postcards. It’s at 223USD right now.

Douchebag Express

I saw this earlier this week, but Surtees reminded me of it
I saw this earlier this week, but Surtees reminded me of it

(via gawker)

Tina Fey and SNL Sketches About Gov Palin

Had trouble finding the right one on YouTube, so I got this one instead. Pretty funny, the wife mentioned them, but I hadn’t had time to watch them yet.

Fiat In Brazil

There is this Fiat car dealership in Brazil that has this most peculiar name. It’s funny in a strange way. (via cf)