Hurricane Sandy Viewed from Space


Hurricane Sandy has been downgraded to a post-cyclone storm, and most of the devastating effects of the hurricane are past, but people in 22 states in the USA are still dealing with the effects of its landfall.

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K-Ville S01E04 (Fox)

A temple in Ayutthaya, Thailand.

Cobb makes a critical mistake and Boulet has to bail him out of trouble.

The new partnership almost ends when Boulet thinks that Cobb is reverting to convict behavior.

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K-Ville S01E03 (Fox)

A murder investigation in New Orleans turns toward dealings between gangs and the city council. Hookers are involved and end up dead. Marlin and Cobb sift through the trail to find out that their captain is somehow involved. Cobb isn’t happy again, but Marlin has faith in Embry.

This is a good episode once again. Nicely filmed, nicely captured and nicely acted. I enjoyed it. I recommend K-Ville. It’s not as good as The Closer, but still decent. The main characters are interesting and Anthony Anderson makes it worthwhile to watch.

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K-Ville S01E02 (Fox)

This show is still interesting. I enjoyed the first one and this episode is still good.

It’s easier to like cop shows because they are just simpler to like. Once you like the genre, it’s easy to like these shows. K-Ville is not exception. On top of that, the show takes place in an American city that looks torn apart by war.

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