Corgi i-H2GO R/C Car Runs on Hydrogen Fuel

While this R/C car technically doesn’t run solely on water, it’s still a pretty interesting scientific toy to have around. This new revision of the hydrogen-powered R/C car is more energy efficient and cheaper than the 2008 original.

corgi i h2go rc hydrogen water car

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Robojelly Underwater ‘Bot Powered by Hydrogen: Hopefully it Won’t Explode!

Didn’t I see something like this in an episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars? This automaton kind of looks like an alien, but that’s because it’s based upon a jellyfish. That’s not the only surprising thing about this ‘bot. It’s also powered by hydrogen.

robojelly underwater jellyfish robot

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Hydrogen-Bubble-Powered Microrockets Could Deliver Drugs Directly Into Patient’s Bodies


Researchers have been designing a wide variety of self-propelled micromotors, many which operate using an oxygen-bubble propulsion mechanism that requires a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide as fuel, which in turn is hazardous at high concentrations, hindering its usefulness in biomedical applications. In a new study, scientists have created a new type of micromotor that can propel itself through acidic environments using only hydrogen bubbles. At low pH levels, the micromotors can travel at speeds of up to 100 body lengths per second, prompting the colloquial use of microrockets to designate these devices.

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Hydrogen-Powered Boat Creates Own Fuel from the Water

Is it possible that this boat might be one of the first completely self-sustaining water crafts available? I don’t know, but the description sure makes it sound like it is. The new MIG 675 cruiser boat will harvest its own hydrogen directly from the sea. Since it runs on hydrogen, it can use the ocean to power itself.


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