iBikeConsole BikeCharge Dynamo Charges Your Gear While Your Ride Your Bike

Bicycle lights generally use battery or solar-powered LEDs these days, not bike dynamos like in the 1980s. That doesn’t mean that these types of tiny power stations aren’t still useful. I’ve seen a couple of different ones allowing you to charge up your devices simply by pedaling a bit more. The BikeCharge will take this to a new level since it generates more current and is lighter than other models.

ibikeconsole bikecharge dynamo charger

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iBikeConsole: Keeping You Safe On Your Bike


There is nothing smoother than cycling while listening to your iPod, especially if you are zipping through traffic at breakneck speeds. You know you do it, even though it might be technically illegal, depending from where you are from. Fiddling with iPod controls can be really dangerous to your health. That’s why the iBikeConsole is an interesting device.

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