Record Made from Ice Plays (Until it Melts)

I’ve actually been in a couple of ice hotels, and I know that the frozen stuff is a very interesting material, but I’ve never heard anyone using ice to make a record. This froze 7-inch promotional record was released by indie band Shout Out Louds.

ice record shout out louds

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British and American Teams Hunt for Life Under Antarctic Ice


Next week, UK glaciologists are heading to Lake Ellsworth to prepare for a new drilling stage that will start December 5. They hope to reach the lake and start examining sediments to find signs of life.

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Catalog of Moon’s Craters May Reveal Ice beyond Moon’s Poles

Yellow spots indicate best guesses for volatiles

There might be more ice on the Moon than was previously thought. There are permanent shadows far from the lunar poles, which has expanded the number of sites that would be good candidates for exploration by robotic rovers or even possible locations of future moon bases.

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Gigantic Ice Avalanches Discovered on Saturn’s Moon Iapetus

iapetus-saturn-terminatorPlanetary scientists discovered unexpected and enormous ice avalanches on Saturn’s moon Iapetus, half of which is light-colored while the other is dark. Its mountains are 12 miles in height, which is twice the height of Mount Everest.

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Greenland Ice Sheet May Slow Its Melting Quicker Than Expected


While satellites have confirmed that Greenland has lost a significant part of its ice sheet, a recent study in Science indicates that the ice sheet may be able to slow its melting much quicker than previously thought.

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Special Edition Transparent Nike+ FuelBand ICE: I Can See Right Through You

It looks like the Nike+ FuelBand is working well for consumers, and people who like to track their physical activities are rejoicing everywhere because nothing sucks more than buying tech that just doesn’t work (like the Jawbone UP). There is a new version of the Nike+ FuelBand coming out, and it’s called ICE.

nike fuelband ice

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Wheelblades Help Wheelchairs Tackle Snow and Ice

Wheelchairs have difficulties moving about in snow, but no longer thanks to Wheelblades. These small skis can be easily mounted on the front wheels of wheelchairs or baby buggies, significantly improving their mobility in snow and ice.

wheelchair wheelblades mobility snow ice

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Third Pole Glacial Measuring Stations Will Give Monitor Glacier Health in Tibet


An international team of scientists is starting a long-term campaign to measure the overall health of the ice atop Tibet and its surrounding mountains. This is will them to measure the health of the world’s highest glaciers.

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Little Ice Age Sparked by Volcanoes, Sustained by Sea-Ice Feedback


The Little Ice Age (LIA), a mysterious period of cooling that occurred after the Medieval Warm Period and extended from the 16th into the 19th centuries, might have been caused by a series of volcanic eruptions and sustained by sea ice.

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Russians & Ice in Their Drinks

Alina Simone explores why Russians dislike ice in their cold drinks. The commentators aren’t that impressed with the article, neither am I, but it’s a nice way to open up a post about ice. A lot of people don’t like ice or ice cream because it hurts their teeth. I actually freeze a lot of my drinks, just to the brink of becoming ice and enjoy them. This works especially well for ice tea, to which I also add a lot of ice, and sodas.

I tend to freeze bottles of water and enjoy them as they unfreeze. The same isn’t always true in restaurants, as a lot of people tend to sip their drinks and dislike how the ice dilutes them. To each his own. In Taiwan, people dislike cold water, which they usually drink warm or at room temperature.