More From Iceland’s Mount Doom: Eyjafjallajokull

The Eye of Sauron
The fires of Mordor
Le néant envahi l'Histoire Sans Fin

Iceland to Become Safe Haven For Journalists

Iceland is about to pass a measure that will make it an offshore haven for journalists. This new law will protect whistle-blowers and sources even more.

Tribulations of a Bankrupt Nation

Tribulations and life in Iceland while their country has essentially gone bankrupt.

Daily Financial Crisis Recap 19.10.08

A new article in the NYT’s series The Reckoning is up. It’s Henry Cisneros’ story about how things started to go wrong in the housing market during the Clinton years.

The FBI has trouble finding enough agents to investigate financial fraud.

Does Goldman Sachs wield too much influence at the govt? Paulson has hired a lot of former GS bankers since he himself is one.

Friedman gives some clues on what exactly happened in Iceland.

Journey To The Center Of The Earth

The only good thing about the latest Brendan Fraser movie was Anita Briem and my discovery of the Icelandic technical mountain clothing company 66 North. Brendan Fraser’s character was wearing an Arc’Teryx backpack for most of the movie.

Nathan Myhrvold On Iceland And Greenland

Billionaire Nathan Myhrvold is still best knows as the ex CTO for Microsoft. He wrote three great guest posts for a Freakonomics (one, two, three), NY Times blog. The photos themselves are worth a click. They are all taken by Myhrvold himself. (via kottke)